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Public Safety

He led the effort to bring AMP (Alternative Misdemeanor Program) Court back to address the serious issues by allowing for diversion while still holding people accountable.


He sponsored “Bring Your Own Bag” legislation to ban plastic bags, clean up our streets, and reduce the carbon footprint


Better Wages for Workers

Mark sponsored a successful measure to increase the minimum wage for city employees and contractors to $15 an hour, helping lift the standard of pay for all workers.

Expanded Pre-K

Mark voted for expanded pre-K access for Philadelphia children. By 2023, up to 5,500 additional seats will be available to our city’s youngest students, helping jumpstart their path to a better education.

Property Tax.jpg

Property Tax Relief

He sponsored several successful measures to fight spiraling property tax increases for seniors, longtime homeowners, and overburdened residents.

Quality Neighborhoods

Mark has prioritized neighborhood safety and accessible open spaces for our communities.

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